Your toddler might use one or two words to label objects and express needs and wants, or build an understanding of words through interactions including reading books. They might show their reading desire by helping turn pages during your reading time, and babble while looking at pictures.


GROSS MOTOR SKILLS - Will generally involve your toddler learns to walk and begin running. They also begin playing games such as throwing and kicking skills. Many times they will show ability to control their hands and begin communicating using simple words.

FINE MOTOR SKILLS - Your toddler might begin brushing their own teeth and hair or pulling pants up and down. They are able to build a block tower of at least four blocks, and might practice snaps and zipping up. They can also hold utensils and crayons with fingers instead of a fist.

TODDLER developmental SKILLS & program 


Your toddler may show interest in counting and start to identify one, two, or three objects. They might learn words like up and down and differences in size and volume. They also sort and classify objects, such as helping to sort clothes or toys. Your toddler might enjoy discovering new ways to play a game or doing a thing.


Toddlers at this age enjoy ​creating art by using materials crayons and clay. They might also move creatively with other kids to learn body awareness and build social skills. They also like to make believe with simple props such as toy, music, games, and songs.

The toddler program is designed for children 12-36 months. Our team incorporates fun, hands on learning based style of activities in their daily schedule to support developmental skills.

Social & emotional


show increased interest in interacting with familiar adults -- show increased interest in interacting with other children -- manage emotions independently or with the help of a familiar adult -- notice when other children are upset and try to help them feel better