Preschoolers at age three are able to stand on one foot for 3 seconds and walk up and down stairs without holding onto the railing, reciprocating. They can jump over a line, jump forward 2 feet, and jump off a step with both feet simultaneously. They can kick a  ball 6 feet forward, and throw a ball both under and over hand. And, they can independently get on and off a tricycle and pedal 20 feet. At age four, they are well established in these motor skills.



Social & emotional

PRESCHOOL development

Your preschooler might begin to build relationships with familiar adults, talking about thoughts and needs with them. They may also seek out other children during play time to build relationships with them. They also play with other children showing the ability to resolve disagreements with little help from adults.



Your preschooler will begin to create detailed drawings and paintings that include people, animals, and things that they relate to in their environment. They play movement games that involve following directions and creative movement. They might play a character role in a short play. They may also enjoy singing along to more complicated melodies. 


Preschoolers begin engaging in longer conversations with both children and adults and their vocabulary will begin to grow they also begin to identifying the first sound in a word and can generally name five to ten letters and some sounds. They can recognize their own name and begin to write it using both letters and letter-like shapes

Day One Learning Center has 29 years experience working with preschoolers. Our team incorporates fun, yet simple learning activities in their daily schedule to support developmental skills for ages 3 and 4 years. During these developmental years see what is expected during these formative years. 


Preschoolers can generally connect number words with their numerals or alphabets. They enjoy  pretending alone or with others by taking on make believe roles and using toys or other things to represent their role play. They also enjoy participating in simple scientific experiments led by adults, and understand history by discussing community changes.