​Dress your child(ren) in comfortable clothing. We ask you to bring a complete change of clothing, under clothing, socks, etc., in the event of an accident, (clearly marked with his / her name). We do not replace lost articles.
Diapering and Toileting

Potty training is a big developmental leap that your child may be ready for. Let us know what is happening at home and we’ll support your efforts. Our potty training consists of hourly diaper checks and changes and trips to the toilet after the removal of a diaper. If your child is attempting to potty train, we ask that you please bring two extra pairs of clothing and underwear, and we ask that you dress your child in easy to put on and take off clothing.

Extra Change of Clothes / Diapers

Because Day One does hourly diaper checks and changes, it is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to provide us with diapers, wipes, and a couple of extra changes of clothes.

If a parent or guardian forgets to bring diapers or wipes, we will provide the necessary items at a rate of:

  • $1.00 per diaper and
  • $0.50 cents per wipe or call you to bring more.
  • We will not borrow diapers from another child.

The fees above will be billed on your child's tuition bill and must be paid.

Parent handbook

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