Vehicle and weather inspection

Prior to boarding and takeoff, a staff member will perform the inspection to validate that:

  • Current and valid insurance card is present;
  • Tires are not low or flat;
  • Gas is at a proper level;
  • All lights are working;
  • All mirrors are in good working condition;
  • First aid kit is present; and
  • If the weather is inclement the trip will be canceled and rescheduled.

Field trip notification

The center will notify the children’s parents or guardians in advance of any field trip and where and when the field trip is taking place.  Also, a signed permission slip must be obtained before the child is qualified to participate. The child staff ratio will be maintained at all times.

  • During the field trip children will be actively supervised at all time.  The teacher must have a list of every child on the field trip as well as the following information in reference to each child:

         - Name and address of each child;
         - Phone number for the child’s physician;
         - Parent and or emergency contact phone number and address; and
         - Written authorization form from the parent or guardian for emergency medical care.

  • If a child is late for any field trip the child’s parent or guardian may:

         - bring the child to join the class that is on the field trip, or
         - stay at the school. 

NOTE:  The field trip teacher will not return to the school to pick up any child that is late for a field trip.

After Hour Family Night Activities and Trips

  • During after care hour activities such as family night, book night, pizza party, or parent meetings, it is the parent’s responsibility to:

         - Provide transportation (unless offered otherwise);

         - Supervise your child for safety; and

         - Pay any cost related to the activities.

  • Staffs responsibilities

         - Help supervise the event and the children,
         - Clean up, and
         - Event coordination.

Day One Day Care follows procedures below to identify where children are at all times:

  • Tracking: We will track which children are here through the daily sign in and out logs.
  • Counts: Counts will take place multiple times per day for both in and outdoors activities.
  • Teachers: At all times, teachers know the correct number of children in their classrooms.
  • Picking up children: We release children only to an authorized person for pick up.

Lost Child

  • Contact Police and assist with any information to help in finding a child.
  • Contact Parent.


Parents must pay $80.00 annually per child for activities such as excursions to the zoo, museum, miniature golf, etc.

Transportation and Field Trips

The number of staff members who accompany children when being transported in a vehicle must meet the childcare staff ratio.  The driver of the vehicle is considered a staff member. And has a valid driver’s license.

  • Children are not permitted to ride in the front seat.
  • Children must be loaded and unloaded out of the path of other cars.
  • Children are not permitted to stand or sit on the floor of a moving vehicle.
  • Children’s arms, legs, and heads must remain inside the vehicle at all times.
  • Children must not be left unattended in the vehicle.
  • Each child must be restrained in an individual seat belt.
  • Children must ride in a car seat if they are not the appropriate height and or weight.

Parent handbook

identifying where children are at all times