Emergency & disaster Policy

​Safety and Security

Day One is responsible for the safety and security of every child in our care. Security cameras are installed in each area to help ensure the safety of both children and staff, and video footage is accessed by the director. 

Evacuation Location(s)

Day One is responsible for the safety and security of every child in our care. Security cameras are installed in each area to help ensure the safety of both children and staff, and video footage is accessed by the director. In the event of evacuation, Day One is prepared for emergency shelter-in-place/evacuation to:

               Ashley Elementary School
               1914 Syracuse Street, Denver CO 80220
               (720) 424-5380

Communication during an emergency

Day One administration will contact parents / guardians by phone, text, and / or email, after all children are safe and as soon as it is reasonable to do so. There will also be a message left on Day One’s main phone line with updates as necessary.

Reuniting children with families after an emergency

Our reunification site is across the street at the neighborhood park. If this is where children need to be picked up, instructions to do so will be on the main line.

Special needs consideration

Day One will work to accommodate special needs s they arise; however, we are not specially trained to provide the best care for certain special needs and will address needs upon enrollment to determine whether Day One is the best place for the child. Day One does not discriminate on race, gender, religion, or nationality.

Active shooter / lock down

In the case of an emergency that might threaten the safety of children, such as an active shooter, Day One is geared to lockdown the entire facility using the following steps to ensure their safety:

  • Call 911
  • Inform teachers without alerting children if possible;
  • Bring all children inside;
  • Check attendance sheet to ensure that all children are present and accounted for;
  • Close all blinds and move children away from windows;
  • Make sure all exterior doors are locked;
  • Office staff will move away from office, to a classroom, and take a cell phone; and
  • No one will be allowed in or out, including parents, until police have rescinded the lock down.

All will stay in the center with exterior doors locked and staff with children stay in their lockdown area quietly.  Director will monitor news and upon notification of reunification will notify parents.

Parents are informed of evacuation areas and reunification notification for each emergency type by including an information sheet upon enrollment. Parents or authorized person in the child’s emergency information will be contacted. 

Fire and inclement weather

In case of inclement weather, we will be closed all the days DPS (Denver Public Schools) is closed due to weather. Therefore, parents are encouraged to watch the news or listen to the radio to find out about these closures. There will be no contact from the staff that the center is closed. It is assumed that if DPS is closed then parents and staff should know that the center is also closed. If it becomes necessary to close early, we will contact you or your emergency contact as soon as possible. You will be responsible to arrange pick up of your child. 


The staff will take the children and evacuate the building out of the nearest and safest exit. Attendance will be taken and 911 will be notified if not already done. We will have fire drills once a month.


the staff will calmly lead the children to the infant room and hallway where they will be most protected from broken glass, etc. Tornado drills are done once every three months.


if conditions worsen or watch is in effect, parents will be called to pick up their children. The director will monitor news reports closely. The center will close early so that staff, children and parents may safely make their way home. The center may not open on days in which heavy snowfall is present. If for any reason parents cannot pick up child(ren), the child(ren) will remain at center until weather conditions permit pick-up from parent.

Assisting with Temperature

Teachers will not take children outside on excessively hot and cold days, or when the weather is inclement. Each individual teacher along with the director will make the decision on a day-to-day basis whether the children will be allowed to go outside.


Department of Human Service requires sunscreen, for children exposed to the sun during playtime. Parents are required to supply the day care with sunscreen.    

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