When out on the playground children will be constantly supervised and the first aid kit will be on hand as well as soap and water bottles, and a jug of drinking water. Children are free to have water upon request.

Children will not be allowed to do the following when out on the play areas:

  • Open or exit the gate,
  • Jump off any of the equipment,
  • Play fight or rough house,
  • Climb on gates,
  • Throw toys other than balls,
  • Swinging or hang on equipment that is not made for such, and
  • Rung on the equipment

Although equipment is inspected regularly, there is the risk that equipment used in an activity may be misused, break, fail, or malfunction.

Risks include the potential that the participant or other participants or third parties may act carelessly or recklessly.

Each child will be provided with their own mat, sheet, and blanket. They may not have pillows! Mats will be sanitized every Friday and linens will be washed. During nap time child(ren) do not have to go to sleep but we do expect them to lay or sit quietly. They will be offered books. They also will remain on their own mats with a good distance apart from one another.    

Equipment Risks


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Risks regarding Conduct

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